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Executive Sales Training

These modules are also available as stand-alone sessions. Your Total Solutions representative can help you make the best selections for your organization.

  • The Sales Training Myth -- An Overview of the System: An overview of the Selling System and a point of reference for all other modules
  • Strategies and Tactics Fuel to Run Your System: The 4 primary selling strategies that can benefit your sales people immediately.
  • Pain-Prospect Buying Motive: The greatest desire in life is the avoidance of pain. Learn to identify, amplify and cure buyer pain.
  • Up-Front Contracts-Mutual Agreement and Commitment: Seal it up with the client up-front with a verbal commitment to action before you launch into the sales process. Here's how to construct one that can be worth a fortune to your sales efforts.
  • Budget: Learn how to nail down your prospect's budget early in the process to avoid wasting time with prospects who do not qualify.
  • Decision: In a business, nearly everyone can say no, but often only one person can say yes. Learn this step BEFORE you give a presentation.
  • Improve Your B.A.T. ing Average- Behavior, Attitude, Technique: Managers need to know how to get their customer service people to motivate themselves day in and day out. Here's the perfect way to do it.
  • Who You "I" is not What You "R"- Break Through the Comfort Zone: Discover how to achieve a permanent professional presence for yourself and your customer service department by assuming a Winner identity and avoiding role failure.
  • Dealing With Difficult People - Understanding Yourself and Others: Customer Service may know the ropes, but if they can't relate successfully to different types of people, their performance will suffer.
  • Can Asking Questions be the Answer: Surprise!  the problem the client brings you is not really the problem. We'll uncover listening and questioning techniques that will uncover your prospect's true needs.
  • What You Know CAN Hurt You: Don't Spill Your Candy in the Lobby- and other important lessons that successful customer service should know about-- no more unpaid consulting.

Other Advance Modules:

  • Team Customer Service- Let's get everyone on the same page
  • Negotiating Skills- Creating Win/Win Situations
  • The Psychology Behind The Customer Service- Advanced Human Relations Selling Skills
  • Major Account Development- Controlling the Long-Term Client Relationship
  • Strategic Account Management- How to Keep Your Clients and Customers
  • Success Conditioning- Overcoming Negative Behavior Pattern