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Non-Traditional Sales Training

Traditional Sales training is based on a feature-and-benefit system with a heavy emphasis on presenting the advantages to the prospect or customer. This system puts the prospect in total control. The Total Solutions approach is different. We believe that the sales person and the prospect should share control on the sales call. The sales person needs to conduct a business meeting with an agenda. This meeting should allow the prospect to discuss their problems, determine whether they want to fix their problem, determine whether they will fix it with your sales person and pay the requested amount. Does this sound like the sales calls your sales people make? Probably not! Do any of the following problems sound familiar?

- We prepare bids and proposals, or plans and designs and then the prospects shop them! We don't even get paid for the effort; in fact, we feel like free consultants.

- You have a great meeting with a client and at the end, they simply say, "I have to think it over." We accept this and then start the chase . . . we call and call and call with little or NO results!

- Our sales cycle seem to go on forever. The process is drawn out, and we allow it. We don't know how to change the cycle. We don't even know whether we have a chance to get the business. We just keep up the effort.

- Referrals! Referrals! Don't talk to me about referrals. Yes, we are supposed to get referrals but we never really get around to them. If we do get them, they are not any good.

- Last week we tried to debrief sales calls. After hearing "they seemed interested" for the 10th time, I realized we really didn't have a sales system to qualify our prospects in the 1st place. It is urgent that we get one; we seem to chase every prospect equally.

Total Solutions can solve all of these problems and more. Tired of looking and acting like a traditional sales person? We train your people to conduct a business meeting with a sales call and get results. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If you don't change what sales people are doing, then what is the chance of getting a different result?