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About Total Solutions

Kitty Haffner, President

Kitty Haffner graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College with a B.A. degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. Her work background includes working in customer service with two manufacturing companies, a paralegal for a law firm, and 15 years as a consultant and facilitator. Kitty has over 15 years of experience working with coaching, managing and hiring assessments. Her great passion is working with individuals and companies to help them discover their individual strengths and potential for growth.

The assessment division of Total Solutions works with individuals and companies committed to achieving higher levels of performance through the use of Job Fit assessments, honesty and integrity assessments, 360 Leadership Evaluations, and Sales Indicator assessments. These assessment tools are used for pre-employment, succession planning, and job-fit -- identifying the most successful work environment for employees as we focus on strengths, abilities and motivation. For more information regarding the types of assessment tools available, go to www.profilesinternational.com.

Herm Haffner, Owner

Owner, Herm Haffner graduated from Wabash College (located in Crawfordsville, Indiana) in 1977 with a B.A. degree in Speech with a minor in Education. For 14 years he was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Nor-Cote International, an Indiana based manufacturer of high tech. screen printing inks. Herm helped drive domestic sales from 0 in 1979 to over 13 million in 1993. Internationally, he oversaw the establishment of a UK division, team negotiated a European license agreement and established a group of distributors in the Pacific Rim.

In 1993 Herm left Nor-Cote and formed a consulting company (Sales Mark) with his wife Kitty. For over 10 years they help businesses and individuals in the areas of business development, strategic planning, sales training and pre-employment job matched assessments.

In 2003 Herm returned to Nor-Cote International as the CEO. In 3.5 years he drove sales from 7.5 million and a declining sales trend to over 13 million and profitability. While at Nor-Cote Herm revamped Nor-Cote's marketing strategy, purchased and integrated another ink company into Nor-Cote's US operations, opened up Mexico and Central America, as well as led a team to negotiate a Japanese license agreement and technology transfer.

In December of 2006 Herm returned to Total Solutions as a full time consultant.