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Strategic Marketing

Total Solutions works with you and your team to examine what is working in your business. Who do you sell to and why? Why do your customers buy? What problems are you solving? What is your gross margin to these accounts? We will work with your team to find the untapped areas of growth in your business and help identify new areas based on your core competencies. Do any of the following situations seem familiar?

- We work harder for less money, and we can't seem to separate ourselves from the competition or get to the next level of growth.

- When we launch new products, they seem to go flat or are not well received by 
the customers.

- Our advertising and promotional dollars seem to fall into a deep dark hole, never to be seen again.

- Our sales people seem to go through the motions. They complain about not having any edge over the competition (except price). It is as if they are 
trying to "shoot down" sales with blanks in their marketing guns.

To solve these and other Strategic Marketing problems, we use market segmentation leveraging your core competencies to existing and new markets. We focus your sales and marketing efforts to differentiate you from the competition and hit the market where they are not. Sounds easy - it's not! We work with your team to understand your business and apply the Strategic Marketing principles.

Total Solutions is your answer to new areas of profitable growth.