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Succession Planning

At Total Solutions we are committed to the ongoing success of your organization. As an entrepreneur, you are comfortable with risk. In fact, taking a calculated risk is the very essence of what has made you a success. However, some risks are not worth taking. Have you planned for any of the following possibilities?

- Something happens to YOU or one of the key people in the organization. What happens next? Is there confusion, a slow decline or even a bankruptcy?

- Your partner dies or becomes disabled; you are now working with or FOR your partner's wife and her new husband.

- You are involved in a family business, and it is time to pass the company on to the next generation. Who is the most capable of running the business and how do you position the rest of the family members?

- Your business is going great! You have just applied for a significant loan from the bank. The loan will be in the high 5 or 6 figures. The bank is now STRONGLY SUGGESTING that you have a succession plan in place.

Make strategic "people decisions" that will ensure the successful continuation of your business.

We use assessments that measure psychological traits, cognitive abilities and one's interests. We conduct interviews, facilitate strategic planning, and observe behavior. This process allows us to help you weave together a plan that provides for a smooth transition in your business. Is your business worth the effort? We think so.

Total Solutions - your solution for succession planning and beyond.