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Strategic Planning

At Total Solutions, we believe that a focused business approach is the only one that can possibly succeed in today's rapidly changing, world. One day you are riding high and the next, the competition is at your heels. Now more than ever the entire organization needs to be on the same page. The team needs to be informed and looking for opportunities and threats. Do any of the following situations seem familiar?

- When we were smaller, we were able to react faster and stay more focused. Now all of us seem to be on a different page, doing our own thing.

- There doesn't seem to be any overall accountability, except for me. We just are not pulling together toward a common goal. In fact, other than producing "X" or servicing "Y," I don't think we have a purpose.

- The concept of having goals, action plans and completion dates for my managers and other team members is a foreign concept. We struggle just to get the day-to- day work done.

Without a written plan containing goals, action plans and completion dates, how sure are you that your company will achieve the vision, mission or objectives for this month, this quarter or this year? To make matters even worse, today's competition may not only come from a local or US competitor, but may be from a foreign-owned company or from products or services that are outsourced overseas. What is an entrepreneur to do?

The only hope is using Strategic Planning to create a fully integrated, laser-focused business plan and execution. Strategic Planning allows you to: know your company, know your market, and know your competition, develop a plan of attack, get your team on board, and execute with accountability. The alternative is the status quo and is that really good enough?