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Coaching, Hiring and Managing Assessments

Wouldn't it be nice if all of your employees came with instruction manuals? Well, they can! At the very least we can help you hire the right person for the right job. Our assessments are designed to be used in the business world by business people. They will help you hire, coach and manage your people more effectively. Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

- We hire seemingly competent people, and they just don't seem to work out or fit; then we have to let them go. What an expensive mistake!

- Cross training has become key to our business. The problem is who should we train for what? It would really be nice if my people were capable of being 
trained and not so resistant to it.

- Who do we promote? The people are competent in their current jobs; will they perform as well in their new positions?

- We tried assessments before and they didn't seem to measure what we needed. 
In fact, everyone sounded good! Are there assessments that will tell me what is a good fit and a bad fit for the job I am trying to fill?

Let us help you hire your next employee. What have you got to loose, except a bad hire?

Total Solutions - your hiring, coaching and management partner.